Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Trip To The Farm

Yesterday, we made a trip to Rosas Farm to buy our monthly fish and meat supply. Rosas Farm is an organic farm about twenty miles from our house and well worth the trip. Al Rosas is a chef in the area but also the purveyor of Rosas Farm where he raises grass fed beef and organic eggs from free range chickens. We were in need of organic eggs because lately, the grocery store cannot keep them in stock. I'm thinking it's because people are smartening up and buying all of them. OR there could be a conspiracy afoot so that we THINK there are not enough and buy everything up at a ridiculous price.

At any rate, as we discussed the farm with the young man behind the counter, we found out that Rosas Farm is home to one thousand free range chickens. I just thought that was amazing since all I want when I get to Portland is my complement of three chickens (the most you can have without a permit). And so we bought our eggs, decided to try some grass fed beef (That's all I used to eat as a child), and purchased our usual sustainable wild salmon.

Rosas Farm is just a wonderful place with peaceful energy operated by people who love providing healthy food for the rest of us. We also found out that a new Farmer's Market is "happening" every Saturday on the downtown square. AND that anyone selling at the market must disclose where their product originates. How's that for progress? We'll be there with bells on.

Rosas Farm website: http://www.alrosas.com/

Check it out.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Plate Art BFF

This is BFF, my latest plate art creation assembled on an usually shaped plate for the era. Everything on this piece is vintage from the old photograph to the very old report card (1925), to the buttons (Mother of Pearl), to the Scrabble tiles and finally, to the lace.

I love this piece because the friends you make in school are often the friends you have for life. Thus the BFF: Best Friends Forever. At least for a while.