Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Automotive Dilemma or The Laugh For the Day

I had the engine replaced in my Ford F150 truck about five months ago. I am always listening and looking for signs that the engine is doing well or not doing well or whatever. Three days ago, Janet noticed an oily substance on the floor beneath the driver's seat. She checked and she looked and checked some more. "Well, it could be brake fluid," she said. "Or it could be a leak from the air conditioner," I added.

We decided that it was time to take the truck to our favorite mechanic. However, things being what they are, we procrastinated and left it for next week.

Today, we brought our trailer back from the dealer where it had gone for some warranty work. As we were leveling it and putting things away, I dismantled the hitch head which meant we had to take everything out of the back floor to find a place for it. Upon doing so, we noticed a much larger oily spot on the floor and, upon investigation, found a very old, melted pound of margarine under the seat. No, I don't know how it got there or where it came from. It's not even a brand we use. Maybe Cocoa the dog was going to do some baking. I really don't know. What I do know is that I am REALLY glad we didn't make a trip to the mechanic. How embarrassing!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Conk Peas

I bought a bushel of conk peas today and, when I made note of such on Facebook, I had some friends who had never heard of them. So, here you are. These are conk peas. They look like black eyed peas or crowder peas when they are still in the shell.
But when you shell them, you see a very delicate, light green pea that has a wonderful buttery taste when cooked. Of course, I cook the peas with a ham hock from the Honey Baked Ham store so what's not to like?
Last year we had the pleasure of picking peas in a field near our house. We are on the look-out again this year because we love pickin' and we love shellin'. I do revert to my southern upbringing, don't I?