Monday, April 30, 2012

Tablecloth Heaven

I found these beautiful vintage tablecloths at a yard sale Saturday. A bunch of guys had cleaned out someone's barn (lots of that around here) and were selling everything dirt cheap. These babies transport me back to my childhood really fast because my mother always had a cloth on the table, no matter what meal we were eating.

I plan to list these in my Etsy shop but for now, I will enjoy the memories they evoke.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Studio Is Ready; A Tour

My studio if finally finished and yesterday, we completed the "decorating". Well, at least until I think of something else. The studio is mainly two colors, lime green and light, soft orange. This view is the "gardening" side of the studio because all of the space was originally dedicated to gardening and I still need some storage for my tools and fertilizers.
This view begins the "studio" side where you can see the wooden art table my granddaughters use when they are with me and the great mid-century chair I found at the thrift.
From here, you can see Chickee-Lala, my green dress form. She was named by my daughter LeeAnn the moment she saw her. I use her for display. Right now, she is wearing hanging crystals to reflect the light. I have quite a bit of storage and have purchased small, galvanized garbage cans with lids to store paper. Otherwise, the little varmints might confuse art material for nesting material. In addition, I purchased large cookie cans with lids from the thrift (25 cents) and painted them white with colored lids. These are used for storage, as well.
This is the view with the two windows that let in glorious morning and afternoon light. You can see the Tabouret, a multi-colored storage piece with a myriad of drawers. I love this unit and it contains all of my glues, pens, scissors, ets. The green wicker chair is where I sit to think. The tall black stool is where I sit to work.
Yesterday, we installed the mirror tiles and the chandelier. The tiles reflect the light back and forth from one side to the other. Fabulous!! The iron chandelier was a gift from a friend many years ago, was used outside for several years, and now has found new life in my studio. I am now ready to begin creating. Actually, I have a mosaic piece in process that needs to be completed. After that, I have about a zillion ideas I want to work on.