Saturday, May 23, 2009

Singer and Dancer in the Studio

In my studio, I am surrounded by items that I love. This is the Singer sewing machine, originally a treadle machine, that belonged to my mother and upon which I learned to sew fifty years ago. (My, has it been that long?) I dreaded summer sewing lessons but my mother insisted that every proper young lady should know how to sew. Therefore, I would go each week to Mrs. Lazzara who would comment constantly about the selvage edge of the fabric. I was not a good seamstress back then but learned enough that I could make dresses for my three daughters until they begged me to stop.
Hanging on my supply cabinet are these pointe shoes, a gift from my oldest daughter to indulge my fantasy of being a ballerina someday. My mother also made certain I had dance lessons and so, at the age of four, I began taking lessons at Ella May's School of the Dance. Can you tell how very old I am by these requirements of my youth? Dancing school was a constant frustration for me, though, because only the cute little blond girls could be ballerinas. I was a cute little Hispanic girl and so I was only allowed to tap dance. These pointe shoes are a reminder for me that I could have been a great little ballerina if I had been given the opportunity. And my art is frequently a mirror of the events and descrimination that still creep into the world of women and girls. I would love to hear your stories if you are willing to share.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sunflower Wants the Sun

It has been raining for five straight days and this sunflower wants the sun back. Actually, I am the one who wants the sun back even though it will make everything extremely humid. After all, this is Florida!! As I anticipate a three day weekend in honor of Memorial Day, rain could be good though. I have two new books from the library; The Story of Edgar Sawtell and Scarpetta, the new book by Patricia Cornwell. So I could read. And I believe my next collage has finally taken shape in my head so I could work on that. The beans in the garden will be ready to pick by Sunday or Monday....I have never grown beans so this is very exciting. And I need to pick the last of the lettuce which has been fantastic. The property needs to be mown, the beds trimmed, and mulch spread. Just another day in paradise...for which I am very grateful.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Artistic Playthings

Janet bought me a Pocket Field Sketch box, water colors for traveling. I tried out my sketchpad yesterday while sitting on the back steps. I haven't had to courage to use color yet but may do that today. Small pages are easy to work with; not quite as intimidating as a large sheet of watercolor paper. I never fancied myself as a sketching or drawing artist but I'm trying to just let myself go without being judgmental about my product.

This jar of buttons is a prize I found at a yard sale on Friday morning. I got up really early so I could get to the sale before going to work. I love old buttons and was excited to find this unique assortment. I plan to use some of them in my next collage which is already taking up space in by brain. I have been wanting to construct a collage with a religious theme and am finally ready to tackle it. I can see these buttons embellishing an altar of some sort.