Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little More Than I Planned For

Well, the shed/studio project has gotten a little bigger than I planned for. I have heeded the advice of two special people and have decided to have the shed insulated so that I am not heating and cooling the out of doors. That means it will take a little longer than if I just slapped some paint on the studs and hung a bunch of stuff all around.

However, I am having a wonderful time anticipating having a space of my own in which to create or to just sit and read or just to sit and think. I will certainly post pictures when the work begins and along the way to document the progress.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Blank Slate

My project for spring is to convert part of my garden shed into a studio for myself. I find that I need a space "all my own" in which to create, be alone, and dream. I have a wonderful shed that I have used for gardening purposes for the past ten years. But now, the gardening part of me will just have to share with the artist part of me.

I have begun clearing out the half of the shed that I will use for a studio. I selected the side with the two windows so that I will have natural light. I am also having electricity put into the shed so that I can operate a light, a small, air conditioner (after all, this is Florida), and a small heater in the cold months. This post is the first in the series of transformation. I am collecting paint samples but before I paint with a snazzy color, I have to paint with primer in order to cover the unfinished boards. I am extremely excited about this project but have to balance it with planting the vegetable garden and getting the yard ready for spring. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strange Country Stuff

Let's hear it for the tomato plants. I paid one dollar each at the Farmer's Market just to experiment because I never have luck with tomatoes. And here they are, turning red and looking pretty decent. Of course, I have brought them in and taken them out and brought them in and taken them out on the really frosty nights. And who knew that if you hang red cloth on the cages, the tomatoes remember that they are supposed to turn red!
I really hate frogs. However, this guy was pretty cute sitting on the edge of the birdbath and I thought he looked like a competitive swimmer ready to take off into a backstroke from the edge of a pool.
I think he might be channeling Greg Luganis or Michael Phelps.
And then, there's the red bud tree. It obviously does not realize that it is still winter and is beginning to bloom in great profusion. The weather is weird this year. Good thing we had some winter on our trip or we would have had no winter at all.
You know what comes next, right? The appearance of the hummers. Yeah, boy!!