Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where This Blogger Creates

Colette Copeland of A Bird in the Hand, said in her daily blog that today is" Where Bloggers Create" day. I think that means posting a photo of where we create if we blog because she posted a photograph of her blogging space. Well, this is a picture of my blogging space; also, my studio space, my guest room when the Murphy bed is pulled down, and my workout room when I am working out to a DVD on the computer. So I guess this is my multi-purpose room. But I love it. It is the place I go to think, to create, to network, and to drink my coffee first thing in the morning.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Little Idea

New little hang-tag created from a very old, vintage birthday card. Isn't she cute?

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday, I wanted to try a new sketch but couldn't really find any subject matter that appealed to me. It was raining outside so I couldn't so out into the garden and the inside of the house seemed boring to me. So I looked in my photo box for two vintage photographs. Although both photos featured people, I can't draw people yet so I left the people out. The sketch above is one of a little store in Tampa back in the 1920's.
This is a sketch of the house where my parents spent part of their honeymoon in San Francisco in 1933, I like the idea of drawing only the background scenery in photographs and may do more.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Something To Ponder

Yesterday, while looking for something to read, I selected Winter Walk from our extensive library collection. Winter Walk is the true story of an Alaskan Athabascan woman, her children, and her journey of survival during the winter of 1892. While Janet is a reader of historical non-fiction, I tend to select books of other genre. However, once I read the following quote from the prologue, I knew I would be compelled to read the entire book.

"Imagine if the survival of others as well as ourselves depended on our skills, knowledge, inner strength, and respect."

I wonder if I would have had the courage and fortitude to make the very hard decisions this woman was required to make throughout the course of this story. I wonder if I would have been able to make the sacrifices necessary to protect my children. I suppose these are questions every mother would ask in light of a story such as this one. I recommend this book highly. It raises many questions about life, hardship, commitment, family, and what is really important when all is said and done. And you can read it in one afternoon.

Alaska today.....still very desolate and unforgiving in it's uninhabited territories, even in the spring of the year (pictured here).