Friday, October 25, 2013

It Begins Again In Autumn

 A friend asked me today if I still had my blog. I really didn't know what to say. I do have the blog but I haven't written in it for almost an entire year. The last time I wrote we had a very sick dog. That lovely creature has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge but I didn't think I could come back to this because I thought it would be too painful.
 But then, I decided to post just a few autumn pictures and then, suddenly, I thought that it would be a very good idea to begin where I used to go when I needed a jump-start. I need to do my gratitude list. And so, as I begin this blog anew, I am grateful for these many things on this day:
Beautiful, cool temperatures that have finally arrived; a funny, precious little Norwich Terrier named Sibyl; the continued life of my Aunt Rosie who is 99 years old; the stained glass class and dog obedience classes that challenge my brain, my dexterity, and my ability to convince a little dog that, yes, she does know these moves and I'd appreciate it if she proved it; the garden beds that are not growing weeds while I sleep; the dropping tree leaves that remind me of the changing seasons both in the yard and in me; my new glasses that finally work right; friends that are willing to come over and help me work on yard projects that are too much for just one or two persons; the anticipation of an exciting trip to New York in January; my Kindle, that allows me to read voraciously because I can use a larger font; Candy Crush that keeps me occupied while I watch the World Series.

I am "back on the blog", not everyday, but more often.  And to my blog friend, Loretta, from New York--you have inspired me to get back on the blog. If you can continue to write after losing your dear mother so suddenly and so painfully, I can begin to write again after the loss of my beautiful Cocoa Bean. Thank you.